Before and After Breast AugmentationIf you have made the decision to undergo breast augmentation, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the options available to you. Your implant type and shape will play an important role in the quality of your breast augmentation results. Many women already have an idea about the type of implant they want (saline or silicone). At Dr. Nosti’s practice, two different implant shapes are offered (anatomical and round), each of which can affect the overall appearance of your new breasts.

What Are Anatomical Implants?

Anatomical implants are teardrop shaped; they are round at the base and taper upward. Dr. Nosti prefers to use anatomical implants on patients whose chest wall is wide with a short vertical height, which is common in many women. Choosing an anatomical implant can lower your chances of having visible implant edges.

Benefits of Anatomical Implants

Women may prefer anatomical implants because they better simulate the shape of natural breast tissue. In many women, anatomical implants provide better, more realistic results and avoid the noticeably augmented look.

Textured Anatomical Implants

Anatomical implants may cause breast distortion if they rotate in the implant pocket since it has a tapered shape. A textured surface helps hold the implant in place in the breast pocket so it doesn’t move around. However, textured implants may not be the right choice in women with thinner breast tissue because the texture may be noticeable through their tissue.  

What Are Round Implants?

Round implants are more circular in shape. People are most familiar with the look and shape of a round implant. This shape creates a more traditional breast augmentation appearance, and it achieves beautiful results in the right patient.

Benefits of Round Implants

Since round implants are the same shape all the way around, they are less likely to create a distorted breast appearance if they rotate or shift position in the breast pocket. Round implants tend to be less expensive than anatomical implants, and they come in a variety of projections to help you achieve the look you desire.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, schedule your consultation. Dr. Nosti is an experienced plastic surgeon with extensive training in breast augmentation. He customizes each breast augmentation to meet the needs of the patient.

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