Plastic Surgery for BridesWeddings take extensive planning. Ask almost any newlywed bride and she’ll tell you that you have to start thinking early about the venue, flowers, your dress, and many other aspects of the wedding. Planning is key to the success of any wedding, and planning sooner rather than later helps ensure your big day is everything you dreamt it would be. Another detail you shouldn’t leave until the last minute is your bridal enhancement. It is important to plan ahead for any procedure you might need to look your best to ensure adequate recovery time and results that make you happy.

Breast Augmentation

Many brides feel that breast augmentation is the enhancement they need before their wedding. Larger, better-proportioned breasts can help you better fill out your dream dress. They can give you beautiful curves for your wedding photos. Many women also feel that the confidence they gain from breast enhancement adds a little spice to the honeymoon. However, breast augmentation isn’t something you should leave for the last minute.

Breast augmentation results in swelling of the chest region for about six weeks following your procedure. For a few more months, residual swelling might remain and can cause your breasts to sit high on your chest. For ideal results on your wedding day, you should plan your breast augmentation surgery at least six months to a year prior to your ceremony. This provides adequate healing time and enough time for you to become comfortable and confident in your improved body.

Chemical Peels

You may need a little help gaining that bridal glow. Chemical peels are great for brightening your complexion. The procedure treats surface wrinkles, skin discoloration, uneven skin texture, and other forms of sun damage. Chemical peels remove the dull and dead surface layer of skin, leaving healthy, luminous skin in its place.

Chemical peel treatments do result in red and peeling skin. As the dead layer of skin flakes away, it is common for your skin to become dry and tight. The deeper the peel, the longer this period will last since more skin needs to heal. The deepest, most dramatic chemical peels may result in redness that lasts up to four weeks. To ensure a clear, smooth complexion on your wedding day, undergo a chemical peel treatment at least six weeks prior to your ceremony.

Make sure you plan ahead to ensure that you look your most radiant as you walk down the aisle. Nothing compliments a joyous smile more than feeling confident in your skin. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Nosti today. Contact our office at 913.262.5014, or fill out our online contact form for more information.