Our staff is professional, warm and helpful. We want each and every patient to feel like they are special and we will work at great lengths to achieve this goal. We are never too busy for our patients and after your surgery is completed we are still here to help you. We will always work harder and go the second mile for our patients.

_42B1738Donna Buescher is Dr. Nosti’s patient coordinator. She is a graduate from Emporia State University and has over twenty years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery. Donna assists in pre and post operative care and education. She is a caring understanding person and an excellent source of information for our patients. She is also a grandmother to two little grandsons.

_42B1692Lori Barker is Dr. Nosti’s Account Supervisor. She is a scheduler and certified medical coder. She has over 20 years experience in the medical administrative field. Lori is always friendly and has a smile for everyone. She likes to spend her spare time with her granddaughter.

_42B1665Hannah Rettig is the newest addition to Dr. Nosti’s staff. She has had several years experience in the medical field before coming to our office. Hannah is the main receptionist as well as a scheduler and assists with patient care. She is very warm and friendly and always has a smile. She is a very busy mother to two beautiful daughters.