If you are unhappy with how your breasts look, you may be considering plastic surgery to correct or revamp them. Breast augmentation continues to be the leading cosmetic procedure in the industry, but it is not the only option for your breast enhancement. Both breast lift and breast reduction surgery can also help reshape and enhance your breasts depending on your body type and personal preference.

Do you want larger, more voluptuous breasts?

If you feel your breasts are disproportionately small compared to the rest of your body, you may be the perfect candidate for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can improve the size and overall shape of your breasts. Aside from implant size, there are several options to consider, from implant type to placement, all of which will affect how your breasts will look and feel.

  • If you have small and sagging breasts, you may want to combine a breast augmentation with a lift for optimal results.

Do you want firmer, perkier breasts?

Breast Lift Before and After PhotosMany factors can affect the elasticity of your breasts, including weight loss, pregnancy, and age. When the breast tissues lose elasticity, the breasts can become droopy and less firm. Breast lift surgery is designed to remove excess skin, reshaping the breasts so that they are perkier and sit above the inframammary line.

  • If you wish to add volume while creating a more pleasing shape, you may want to combine a breast lift with an augmentation.

Do you want better-proportioned breasts?

When your breasts are large and saggy, they can cause neck and shoulder pain. This often makes physical activity difficult, and the discomfort may take a toll on your daily life. In cases where a patient has heavy, cumbersome breasts, a reduction could be the best choice. Breast reductions create breasts that are smaller and more symmetrical by removing excess tissue.

  • Some breast reductions can be performed alone for the desired result; however, with breasts that lie far below the inframammary line, it is common to pair breast reduction surgery with a lift.


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